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Candoo Home Services is your answer to a complete home care solution. Whether you are a homeowner, tenant or investor in real estate, having a one-stop, around the clock care provider makes looking after your home and garden easy and simple. One call does it all with a "Candoo" attitude to any problem you care to mention. We are specialized in professional house cleaning services in Dubai, along with skilled handymen services to meet any home repair and maintenance needs. 


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Candoo helps through professionalism and punctuality, knowing you want a reliable and responsive service. A leaky faucet or a full AC service we Candoo whatever it takes.

Bringing Hospitality to Housekeeping, one call and we clean it all with our spotless approach to your home. Candoo does cleaning so you don’t have to

If you can dream it, we Candoo it. Whether a simple fresh coat of paint, a kitchen fit for the finest food or a full restoration, we renovate your living space.

Keep a close watch through Homewatch. When you’re out of town, Candoo ensures your home is safe and sound and will never know you left. 

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It may seem like the never-ending laundry, you Candoo with a break. Why air your dirty laundry in public? Leave it with us and you may never miss a sock again.

They say in Dubai that a cab at the door is worth two booked on the phone. Can you do that early morning airport run?  Candoo picks you up to wherever you want to go.

Creating a garden haven and making the outdoors beautiful, Candoo’s expertise in desert horticulture ensures that brown fingers turn green. 

Prevention is often better than cure. Choose from our range of preventative maintenance packages, cost effective and flexible to suit. 


Candoo's expert teams have decades of experience in home care solution provision and have been supporting owners of residential, commercial and hospitality property for many years. Candoo pulls together all these disciplines into one friendly and professional service working to ISO 9001 quality standards.

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