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Don’t let neglect turn small issues into large scale problems. Prevention has always been better than cure, so let Candoo’s care stop your home from biting back.

Proven preventive maintenance preserves the value of your home, ensuring AC systems, lighting, wiring and plumbing continue to keep your home as a refuge for you and your loved ones.

Trained and vetted technicians will inspect your property inside and out on as regular a basis as you need. Newer homes may only need us occasionally, however Dubai’s unique nature means that as the harsh summer conditions impact your property, we can tailor packages that meet a growing requirement over time.


Standard packages are contained on our website, however what about those larger homes? We can adjust to you and put together both interior and exterior preventive contracts that save you the stress and large scale outlay that leaving minor faults produce.

Our standard package includes a full inspection of electrical systems and plumbing, averting long term issues and fixing minor faults along the way. We also include periodic A/C servicing as part of the program to make sure the summer months don’t leave you languishing in the heat.

Candoo’s preventive care also can incorporate outdoor spaces with a periodic clean, trim and weed of your garden or terrace.

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