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Candoo digs outdoor spaces. Our team tackles the toughest of weeds and can beautify the outside of your home to ensure your alfresco entertainment maximizes the Dubai season.

Caring for any garden in an environment where water is precious and summers are harsh takes horticultural experience. Allow our experience to ensure efficient irrigation and all year round attractive surroundings for you and your family.

Candoo can assist in hardscaping too, helping you create a practical outside area that utilizes space effectively.


Candoo’s Landscape Services:

Maintenance – We offer maintenance to both residential and commercial customers, maintaining plants, flowers, and tree beds as well as an all-round clean and weed. We also provide complete lawn care services with regular mowing, watering and fertilizing programs available. Candoo can assist with an “as-and-when” service for owners who just need that occasional extra help.

Irrigation – You need an irrigation system that helps to keep your garden healthy during the summer months and optimizes water. We can design and modify systems that both reduce costs and can be changed to reflect the seasonal needs of your plants.

Installation - Whether starting from sand or renovating an existing garden we can bring life to your vision. Using drought tolerant and specialist planting to create color, shade and sustainable growth to an external space that is practical and beautiful.

Drainage & Erosion – We may not get rain that often but when it rains….it pours. If both irrigation water and rainwater are not properly controlled, damage and loss of sweet soil occurs. Candoo helps to avoid this, with advice and installation of managed drainage systems and intelligent planting.

Hardscape & Lighting – Incorporating smartly designed hardscaping and lighting to your exterior spaces creates an entirely new landscape design for you. We can help with the design and installation of non-living features such as water features, paving and walled areas. Inventive lighting makes evenings special and can impress your guests without annoying the neighbors.

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