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Your home is a reflection of our reputation. Candoo is known for it's mastery in remodeling your property.

Whether a simple coat of paint, complete bathroom and kitchen build or shaping your space to suit your needs Candoo will do whatever it takes to complete your dream home.

No matter which part of your home needs renovating, our design team and skilled tradespeople will work with you to deliver your vision on time, on budget and with quality workmanship.


These are just some of the ways in which we can either brighten up those tired spaces or make your home stand out from the crowd:

  • Bathrooms – Tired tiling or have you been sunk by your sink? Candoo can rinse away and refresh your restrooms with re-tiling and remodeling.

  • Kitchens – Get rid of jaded joinery and spruce up your cooking space with Candoo’s kitchen modernization. Don’t feel drained by your dull scullery.

  • Refurbishment – Enliven your living space with our Redesign, Refurb and Renew service. Our team can help with ideas on better use of space, revamping and upgrading finishes or a simple change of color to rejuvenate your home.

  • Exteriors – Elevate the extrinsic with our exterior renovation service. Pep up your patio, brighten your balcony with our team’s help.

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