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We can keep a close eye on your home.

At Candoo we outdo our rivals by keeping your home safe and secure in your absence, taking pride in looking after your home as if it were ours.

Each time we visit your home, a full inspection is carried out, time and date stamped with details of any issues we find. Any problems we identify will be sent to you immediately with a clear description of the matter at hand and a plan with costs of how to remedy it.

Some of the services we provide our clients include:



  • Windows, doors and point of entry security check

  • Mail and package collection

  • Lighting test

  • Grounds inspected

  • Pest control inspection

  • Exterior mold and damp, leak inspection

  • Pool & Jacuzzi functional and leak checkup

  • Open & closing blinds & drapes 

  • Ensure refrigerator and freezer working properly

  • Ensure security system in working order


  • Air conditioning thermostat check, functional testing, leak inspection

  • Wet Space functional check: running faucets in sinks, leak check, lubrication etc.

  • Running a Dishwasher cycle

  • Checking for any visual water leaks in ceiling & walls

  • Visual inspection for potential humidity damage, mold & mildew

  • Pest control checkup

  • Check air filters

  • Inspect DB/electrical panel for tripped breakers

If you find anything in our services we haven’t thought of, we Candoo tailored packages that suit your needs.

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